Monday, July 29, 2013


Welcome fellow Jammers..

I wanted to start this blog in order
to share the plethora
of amazing stuff out there
relating to all things musically
known as the 
"Seattle Sound".
I know that is a term some people hate...
but for search purposes and identifiers
we're using it!
I also didn't want to keep filling up my FB page
with this musical stuff that not everyone gets.
I know people who visit here are actually interested
and want to share!
If you're visiting from 10C - love ya!

I've had a love for the sound since
it first met my ears in the early 90's.
None of the overpackaged , corporate made bullshit that
had been shoveled at me for so many years.
The sound was refreshing,
unique ,
and had meaning.
These guys and girls looked like you
and your neighbors.
Who walked around like a Glam Rocker every day?
Eddie Vedder , Tad Doyle, Mark Arm, Kim Thayil,
Mia Zapata or Kim Warnick
could have been the guys  or girls in the basement next door
annoying the neighborhood with
that LOUD music.
I loved that they were keeping it real.
 Andy Wood  was the character
we'll give a pass for -
he was in his own league
but he was the guy you were rooting for to make it!

I plan on sharing
lots of pics, music, videos, stories, 
and my own thoughts,
as well as
obscure things about this music
and the people who create it
and love it!

So what to share first?

Self Pollution?
What's that all about?
If you don't already know....
a reference taken from the Pearl Jam Vitology
For now how about a little Self Pollution Radio Snippet?
Satan's Bed from their 1995 rehearsal for the
Self Pollution Radio Broadcast...
a little goodness from the past!

Welcome everyone and have a Rockin' Day!

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