Friday, September 6, 2013

Photo Friday...Alice in Chains @ Isleta Ampitheatre

This Friday's photos
of Alice in Chains
fresh from the oven..
sent to me
by Frank Dolan...

He took these shots at the
Isleta Amphitheater
in Albuquerque, NM just a few days ago
on August 31st.

and before we go there....
I know AIC is a touchy subject for some...
If you agree or not about the decision to come back
years later
after Layne's passing...
I just want to say - this is about the fan experience.
NO one expects Layne to be replaced -
 he can't...
Frank said he had a great time - 
this was his first live AIC show...

 Mike Inez rockin' the hair and Jerry's new lack of .....

Frank also managed to come away with some nice

How cool is that?!

Frank has been following AIC for a long time. 
He thought that William DuVall was great and holds up with the band well. 
He said they put on an amazing show 
and Jerry was great 
to finally get to see play guitar live.

We're glad Frank had such an awesome experience!

I would just like to include a link to an interview Mike Inez
gave to The Columbian....
 and here is a bit from the interview about Layne's absence...
"I don't think there's closure, per se. That seems to me like the wrong word," Inez said. 
"You obviously move on and the world keeps spinning and the gigs keep coming and stuff like that, but sometimes, especially like on the tour bus late at night when there are no sounds going on and it's really silent, I start thinking about Layne and stuff like that, still to this day. And I don't ever want to stop thinking about Layne."

please read the whole article here

I personally think if you give the music
a chance - William is NOT trying to be Layne or imitate his
He and Jerry have found a way to harmonize 
and keep the same feel of Alice
You never hear William trying to copy Layne's nuance's.
When you hear him sing older Alice tunes I think
he is actually doing a beautiful tribute
to Layne in carrying the music on.

Frank also sent us this wonderful link
to a video he took of the
 band performing

 Thanks to Frank for sharing with us.
Alice in Chains is really making some great music again...
and Layne will forever be in our hearts and minds.
he is simply irreplaceable.