Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why Not? Happy Birthday to the "Guru"

I usually don't
do the 
"Happy Birthday" stuff
but I thought today why the heck not?
Let's make it fun...

On this day back in
Rock n' Roll history

 Kim Thayil was born...
(taken from a crazy 90's comic and re-adjusted)

I have to admit
I have always loved Kim's sense of humor
very dry - and a lot of times
it seemed like interviewers had no idea when he
was being sarcastic because he pulled such a straight
face when doing it.
I'd watch the interviewer trying to figure where to go next
or actually trying to come back at him...
never realizing he was totally un-serious.
You'd finally see the smallest hint on his face
of satisfaction in knowing this person had NO idea
who they were really interviewing or why.
If you passed his test - then he really opened up.
Had a great vid to share and the damn thing won't load.
instead -
An old tune - recently played..
Slaves and Bulldozers
I love how it looks like it takes absolutely no effort from Kim....
So Happy Birthday Kim -
We're officially adding your
"mugshot" to the wall this week too!
Keep Rockin'...

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