Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vitalogy and some Corduroy.....

Thanks for coming back
to delve into
Vitalogy again this week....
Just wanted you to see the massive size of this book
compared to the Pearl Jam booklet...
Today I'm going to keep it simple 
but maybe not sweet...
Did you ever notice page 17
in the PJ book?
A set of dental x-rays...
definitely fitting for the medical contexts
of the book right?
Did you look close enough to see that the x-rays
are labeled as belonging to Eddie Vedder?
With a date of 12/9/92?
Of course I have to wonder if that was the date
the films were taken
or is that some significant date Ed marked on there
More investigating to come.
When you look closely at the the bottom
box on the x-ray where the 
examiner should fill in their name
(usually the doctor is signed here in case of identifying needs)
there has been a label placed in to the box
with the word
Pearl Jam fans usually know all about the
premise of the song Corduroy...
Referring to a jacket that Ed used to wear.
When the whole "grunge" thing  exploded
and became exploited...
Ed felt that way about himself too...
exploited and not in control..
Seeing ads in fashion magazines
for "grunge" style clothing...
now going for hundreds of dollars
it was really quite ridiculous. 
"I don't want to hear from those who know-
they can buy but can't put on my clothes" 
exemplifies his feelings towards the frenzy...
"those who know" - I'm thinking the people who create the hype-
who "know" what's cool..where everything is happening...
what the latest and greatest is....
"they can buy" - self explanatory
"but can't put on my clothes"
 a person can't gain an identity
or acquire an attitude 
or walk in someone else's shoes -simply from a purchase..?
You can't be ME...
I know he thought is was pure stupidity and greed.

I'm going to examine Corduroy a little further in the future...
today was just the beginning...
This is when Corduroy was a "New song"
something they had just written-
not available in stores..
quoting Ed here...
take a listen...

Have a Rockin' Day guys! 

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