Friday, August 9, 2013

Photo Friday.... Pearl Jam Wrigley Filed 2013

Friday's are going to be reserved 
for photos that tell a story...

I'm proud to have our first 
Ten Club member
Andrew Hess

 Andrew was lucky
enough to be in the "pit"
or general admission area
 at the Epic Pearl Jam Wrigley show
on July 19th.
Andrew snapped this when Ed hopped into the crowd during

We haven't seen Ed do much crowd surfing in the last few years.
The early days of climbing like a jungle chimp over every and any
stage or building he came upon....
freaking out his bandmates who just hoped he wouldn't fall to his death...
Maybe that has been replaced with
"I do have kids now - 
I'm Eddie freakin' Vedder-
I'll just jump in instead of dive off the scaffolding"
The Wrigley show sold out in minutes and
was highly anticipated by fans
all over the world.
Despite the crazy weather - 
the appearance of the lightning bolt-
and an almost 2 hour delay...
the band played until 2 a.m. 
and delivered a set that more than made up for the wait.
Shortly after Andrew posted his pic 
it blew up on sharing sites with fans...
He had no idea until later in the week.
I contacted him to ask about using the picture because 
I wanted him to have credit for such a great 
split second shot.

A great memory from an amazing night.
 Thanks for sharing your moment with us! 

Andrew requests that if you'd like to use the photo 
to please contact him by e-mail-

If you're a fan and have pics you'd like me to share or feature
feel free to contact me.
The music is also about the experience....

Come back tomorrow for our next delve into
Vitalogy....Have a great Friday and Rock on!

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