Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So who the Heck is Mookie Blaylock?.....

So who the heck is
Mookie Blaylock?

this is Mookie Blaylock ...

but wait...
this is Mookie Blaylock too...

Yeah...I know....

Die hard fans - you know this story...
New fans - here's a quick version...

Bass Player Jeff Ament was interviewed
by newspaper -The Missoulan
and this was his story...

"When we were recording our first record, we had a per diem of about $10. So when we got lunch at the store across the street, we'd always buy a pack of basketball cards. When we turned in our tape, we didn't have a name for the band yet so we put a Mookie Blaylock card in the case. We were about to go on a tour and still didn't have a name and needed one quickly. We were told it didn't need to be the name that we were going to use forever, just something for the tour. Someone saw the Mookie Blaylock card and said, ‘How about Mookie Blaylock?' We decided to go with it and did a 10-show tour with Alice in Chains as Mookie Blaylock. Mookie was cool about it, too—he didn't sue us. I actually got to meet him later on and shoot around a little bit. We also made a Pearl Jam T-shirt with a picture of him on it. I guess we owe Mookie a lot."

Of course we know they eventually changed the name
Pearl Jam
and the rest is history...

I'm sure Mookie never imagined being linked
 forever in history
to one of the best rock bands of all time...
Let's listen to a little Mookie Blaylock
shall we?

This video was taken at The Club with No Name
Funny how the guy introducing them
"This is not Mother Love Bone"
This is the entire show
so if you have some time to kill
the footage includes Mookie Blaylock
Alice in Chains...

I know, I know....all my Ten Clubbers are like
tell us something we don't know!
Don't forget
 - we are helping to school a whole new generation of fans here...

Rock on guys!

P.S. - I forget to mention Mookie's number is 


  1. Keep up the great work Mrs White! I always enjoy reading these!

    ps... did you know, that Pearl Jam was the 10th band to play at Wrigley Field? It's a true story... that #10 sure has its way with the band!

    1. Yes I do believe I read that right after the show...Pretty cool huh?! Thanks for checking in! Keep coming back!