Monday, August 26, 2013

Vitalogy ,Lightning , and a game of 7 degrees?

Sometimes life gets in the way...
So today is Viatlogy Monday....

While reading early on I caught this
little fun passage about what to do
if struck by lightning....

 (excuse my photography)
Throw water on the person...use artificial respiration because
people who have been declared dead have recoverd
up to an hour afterwards?
Yeah - don't think any of those are going to work.
The best part is the last -
If you can find a battery pass an electric current 
up and down the spine and extremities for 2 minutes...
God only knows what an 1880's battery was like?
I'm hoping this was in the vein of forethought for
what we now use 
known as an AED or
 an  automated external defibrillator.
and here are some illustrations
of what "CPR" was like in this era...
  to help inhale...
 to help exhale....
I'm guessing most patients did not recover !
How am I relating this to PJ music today?
Well the whole lightning blot thing struck me as funny
because of the new album...
"Lightning Bolt"
and then this happened at Wrigley Field
the night they debuted the new track
titled aptly
"Lightning Bolt" as well...
 Pretty crazy huh?
So now we have started a 7 degrees of Vitalogy thing right?
Here is the track played at Wrigley Field...

and by they way...
lets make another connection -
1st the book-
2nd the title of the new album-
3rd - the lightning strike
4th - the song "Nothingman" on Vitalogy
the lines
"caught a bolt of lightning - cursed the day he let it go"
So we have made a connection from 1880 all the way around to 2013.
things happen for a reason right?

Have a Rockin' Day guys!

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