Monday, August 19, 2013

New Music from Seattle......The Walking Papers

Today I'm going to switch
things up a bit and talk about
some of the NEW music coming out of Seattle.

Today I'm going to share a bit about
The Walking Papers

There really is a lot of evolved music
coming out of Seattle...
I have to admit the first time I heard of
The Walking Papers was a few months ago.
Funny enough it was on Xana LaFuente's
(our dearly departed Andrew Wood's fiance)
Then I started hearing more buzz about
them through other 10C fans.

When I finally pulled them up
I was pleasantly surprised.
They have been referred to as a 

The funny thing to me however is no one
made mention of the fact that
pretty much all of the band members are 
VERY well seasoned and well known musicians.
The chatter was just that they were this great new band...
not like they were trying to ride on
their past.
The fans seemed to not care about
where in musical history they came from.
Just that they were amazing and refreshing. 

Line up includes-
 Jeff Angell – lead vocals, guitar, piano
Duff McKagan – bass, backing vocals
Benjamin Anderson – keyboards, backing vocals
Barrett Martin – drums, percussion, upright bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Former members of great bands like
 Gun's and Roses
The Missionary Position
Screaming Trees
Mike McCready of Pearl Jam even made some contributions 
to the album.
Their album was mixed by Seattle legend Jack Endino
 and released in Oct. 2012

They recently played at great show at
Easy Street Records
alas - something was going
on with the mic and you really can't
hear the vocals much.
It was a great live performance though.
I decided instead to pull two songs to
show what I think represent the range
The Walking Papers
The first I don't think you will expect from
a band with the members you just read.
It's haunting , beautiful, and a bit twisted ...
"The Butcher "

and now we will rock out
"The Whole World is Watching"
Pretty cool huh?
Not what you were expecting was it?!
Thanks to all the great bees who have been buzzing
The Walking Papers!

P.S. - Just in case you did not know-
Duff McKagan is Seattle born and bred.
I'm going to get into a little bit of Duff's
 mad musical circles
from when he was a teenager
a little later on.

Have a Rockin' Monday guys!

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