Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo Friday....Matt Cameron's postcard from the past.....

I'm really excited to
share today's photos....

A couple of weeks ago I was looking
for some albums on E-Bay...
I came across a listing for The Screaming Life EP
by Soundgarden...
an original pressing.

 I clicked on the listing and there was also a small picture
of a postcard the seller was willing to throw in with
the album...
and here it is....

 Big Deal you say...
let's look at the back...


(I'd blow it up bigger but the side bar covers the signature)

 Pretty neat huh?!
I did some research and indeed
the band was in Oklahoma on the date the postcard
was postmarked.
However it gets a bit confusing after that.
I can not find an MTV New Music Awards...
However there was something called  
the CMJ Radio Network which made an audio recording
of their Oct. 26th award ceremony which included
"Ugly Truth" from Louder Than Love
by Soundgarden. 

then there is this clip
that MTV taped for 120 minutes
and called it the CMJ Music Marathon...
 I'm assuming it was all bands from the CMJ shows
and some of their
videos on 120 Minutes... 
(God I forgot about that show)
Chris and Kim at their smart-alec best... 
Blast from the past huh?!
So I think it was just a mix up of events being that they
were both being held at the same time and intertwining.
I like how he was excited about the new bus and the chance
for some exposure.
There's great video footage out there of Jason Everman ,Stone Gossard
and Jeff Ament discussing this new "cool" bus...
that they had really wanted one with 
dragons on it, warriors, and Unicorns 
along with some other kinds of ridiculousness 
in the conversation. 
Maybe I'll share that later...
I have a few pics to share later of some early Soundgarden
in the van and those shared hotel rooms.
So who was  the postcard recipient Billy Atwell ?
Billy is also a drummer like Matt!
A new find for me - the band he refers to as the Inbred was
quite popular for a time in their circle.
Of all places in Morgantown, WVA.
Who knew WVA had a hardcore scene
back in the 80's?
I have to say I think that's pretty cool.
I have a nephew who lives in WVA and he's
always felt a bit out of place..
He's definitely more alternative compared to the scene
where he grew up.
Maybe this would make him have some renewed faith 
in sticking with being yourself.
If a hardcore punker Could make it in WVA in the 80's
you certainly can too!
I of course then had to look up the band 
and Billy is a kick-ass drummer!
The band is pretty darn good!
They broke up 
but Billy is still out there kickin' it!
He is still living in El Paso as far as I can tell.

It would be interesting to know 
how Billy and Matt met...
Look the Inbred up for some fun on You Tube along with album title Family Affair.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into a bit of Matt Cameron
and a piece of his past...
Here is a 2011 live version of Ugly Truth
Matt's drumming is a lot more aggressive and polished at the same time
and I like the more mature control Chris has
over his voice.
The early versions are great but 
Chris always sang in that really high pitch 
and I prefer the one he is using now.
Have a Rockin' Day and come back tomorrow
for our weekly look into Vitalogy.

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