Thursday, August 1, 2013

GRUNGE?! WTF is that?

Let's keep it simple today...

Boys and Girls
the word for today is


whenever anyone says "GRUNGE"
Scream real loud!

Ever wonder where the so
loved/hated term for Seattle music came from?
Who said it first?

I know there are a few versions of who started it..
as with any legends there always are...

Well - Once upon a time....
the story is that 
Mark Arm wrote a letter to a local Seattle
Zine in 1981 
describing his then band (Mr.Epp) as
"Pure Grunge, Pure Noise, Pure Shit!"

Later the guys at SubPop  started using it
 to describe other groups on their label in the late 80's...

The term had also been thrown around  mid 80's
in other countries to describe up and coming bands.
Whomever used it first - descriptive or as a label...
The term took off and later the media ran with it...

It may be one of the most loved/hated words to describe
a musical genre...

I laugh when I see encyclopedic definitions of the 
musical term"grunge" and what specifically the music should sound like,
what kind of clothes they are supposed to wear,
and how ANGST ridden the lyrics and people are supposed to be.
Those attempts to put the scene in a category and box it and label it
are usually more of what Mark described as
"Pure Noise - Pure Shit"
 by the media and mainstream.

Don't get me started.
We will explore that another day.

 Gen - Xers know what I mean.
If you're under 30 I hope this was fun
and it peaked your interest.

Some fun ealry footage of Mr.Epp at the Metropolis - 1984

So young! 

If  you want a good laugh...
go over to 
The Urban Dictionary 
this link will take you to the page for the submitted
definitions of "Grunge"
maybe you want to submit your own?
The look up "Soft Grunge"
even better...

Rock on everyone!

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