Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vitalogy...Hysterics...and F-Me in the Brain

Today we're going to look
at a  fun passage in

This one I just love because it attempts to
explain what
Hysteria is and who normally suffers from it...

 Here is where I know the smart - alec men in the audience
are going to say "Oh - yeah" 
stuff they blame on P.M.S. etc...
I think the point at which the passage reads
"crowding of the intellect  to the neglect of the body;
solitary vice and novel reading are among the many causes of this disease;
also disappointments in love"
and I'll stop there.

For real Mr. 1800's doctor?!!
Reading a book or trying to learn is going to make a woman
Or we shall be driven mad by our disappointing love life?!
If this isn't a load of wad I don't know what else is?!
Remember the other day how I was commenting about
how people were twisting facts to control and influence people.
I take that back for this specific passage...
whomever wrote this one
obviously had no good relationships with any female
or at least he cared not to find anything out about the real
person or persons he was living with.
What a schmutz!
I don't think there is any Pearl Jam song other than
"F me in the Brain" that could
go along with this passage.
I often wondered why F me In the brain was only played
twice by the band...
maybe someone was just a little hysterical himself
and having "woman" problems?
The song was played on 
Nov. 5th 1993 in Indio, California
and on 
Friday Nov. 26th 1993 in Boulder, Colorado

Today let's hear the hysterical Eddie Vedder
F**ck  Me In The Brain
at Indio
and to make it even more fun
it involves the
"Shoe the Shoe-less rant"
 If you've never seen this you are in for a ride!
and in case you can't guess
there is adult language used here...

Who's hysterical now?
Thanks to TwoFeet Thick for the great upload...

Have a rockin' weekend guys!

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