Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Music....Ben Shepherd - In Deep Owl

I wanted to throw in
an extra post this week
to share some
great new music.

Soundgarden bassist
Ben Shepherd
released a solo
project 2 days ago 
on August 27th,2013
"In Deep Owl"

I have to admit I was not sure what
to expect from Ben.
I think he is a total animal on the Bass sometimes
and then others 
he's tearing it up
 but he looks totally bored.
He cracks me up.
He's entirely under-rated in my opinion. 

If you have an open mind
and don't expect everything to be
I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
Of course I do hear the elements
that I hear in SG music here and there.
But at this point it's his DNA right?

Here is a track from the

Check out his web-site 
for Information on the album
how to get it, FB,etc.

Congratulations Ben on a wonderful piece of work.

My point again -
these boys labeled 
"grunge" years
ago have many more complex layers
than what the media lets you believe.
Check out and explore music for 

Have a Rockin' day guys!


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