Friday, August 30, 2013

Photo Friday...Mike McCready / Shadow

Photo Friday....

I have a few fans working on some of
their personal photos....
so until they are ready
I thought I would give
Mike McCready a little plug here...

Today's photo is a self shot of Mike from his Twitter feed...

The story is...
Mike reunited with his 80's band
Shadow this week for a little
show at Easy Street Records in Seattle ...
The guys seemed to have a blast - old friends
having good fun and rocking out together.

I love that Mike always seems eager to help out
a friend with a cause, 
to take time to stop with fans,
 just loving life lately and so into his work.

He has talked about his struggles before
and of all the PJ members he was the only 
one I was surprised to hear he had so much
inner turmoil.

A song like Inside Job
(written by Mike)
that I featured in my personal photo
on Wednesday...
is a peek into the soul of someone
who is sharing their troubles and trying
to come out on the up side.

Here is the Shadow
show at Easy Street

I also want to give Mike my humble thanks for
trying to help shine a light on
Healthcare reform by sharing his story about Insurance 
coverage denial becasue of his Crohn's
I have had a similar experience with Healthcare
and it is scary and unfair.
I could tell a long story that would shock most
but we're all about music here - so we'll stow it for another time.
Mike has also lent his persona
to help friend Steve Gleason spread the word about
I have written about my personal
experience with ALS on another blog
and I will share it here eventually.
(only because of Mike and Pearl Jam's involvement in the cause)
You can tell Mike has a big heart 
and his efforts
no matter how small he may think they are -
are greatly appreciated.

You can follow Mike on Twitter 

Have a Rockin' Day guys!

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